nishit floortech
point1 Specialised in Trimix Flooring
point2 Specialised in Heavy Duty Flooring
point1 Specialised in trimix flooring
point2 Specialised in floor repairing work
point2 Specialised in parking areas
About Us
about-us An enterprising approach over the decades steered NISHIT FLOORTECH from its modest beginning to its present capability in the field of INDUSTRIAL FLOORING. NISHIT FLOORTECH to has proudly established itself as the front-runner in the field of INDUSTRIAL FLOORING.

We are engaged in manufacturing of floor hardener as well as execution of industrial flooring and floor repairing work. We manufacture flooring related products under brand of TRONITE. Brand like TRONITE, TRONITE TUFF TOP, TRONITE SUPPER TUFF, TRONITE P.P. FIBER etc. designed, manufacture & tasted to high standard and the same are market all over the country.

Our product and serviced are designed incorporating the latest technology & state of - the - art manufacturing and test facilities, there by giving maximum efficiency and Economy with a reputation of quality & reliability.
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