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TRONITE TUFF-TOP:Penetrating concrete floor hardener & Dust - proofer
TRONITE TUFF-TOP is a clear, water-soluble, chloride-free, liquid chemical compound for chemical hardening of concrete surfaces. In addition to working as a curing agent for freshly placed concrete, TRONITE TUFF-TOP penetrates the concrete surface and pores and reacts with lime and other soluble calcium compounds in the cementitious substrate to become its integral part. The result is a hard, dust-proof, Easy to clean surface. TRONITE TUFF-TOP contains no wax, oil or paraffins that would reduce the performance of subsequent coatings, topping or adhesives for tiling or carpet.
TRONITE TUFF-TOP is used as a hardening, dust-proofing and curing aid for fresh or existing concrete floors, screeds, toppings and vertical surfaces. Typical application include industrial concrete flooring, warehouses, factories, showrooms, industrial plants, offices, commercial buildings, schools, hospitals, breweries, bakeries, power stations, airport hangars, workshops, laboratories, parking decks, heavy machinery floor, etc.
point Provides excellent hardness and durability to concrete floors.
point Imparts effective dust-proofing.
point Reduces the possibility of shrinkage or hairline cracking.
point Eliminates routine over-coating of concrete floor.
point Will not prevent the use of further surface treatments.
point Chloride-free.
point Economical to use.
point Easy and fast application : by brush, roller or spray.
point Non-toxic.
Tukon hardness:-

Greater than 10
Abrasion resistance (tabor resistance, CS-17 wheel, 1000gms/1000cycles):-
0.012gms weight loss

U.S. army corps of engineers CE-204,for chemical hardening of concrete.
Existing concrete/Exposed aggregate:-
Surface must be structurally sound, clean, and free of dust, dirt, laitance, efflorescence, cutting compound, paints, oil, grease, and other contaminants. Prior to application, surface defects, voids, cracks and joints must be properly treated and repaired with REPAIR or RESTORATOR. Concrete may be lightly damp, but must be free of any standing water.
Freshly placed concrete:-
Horizontal surface must be finished and the surface moisture sheen should have disappeared. The surface should be able to withstand foot traffic from workmen. Vertical surfaces may be treated as soon as the form work has been removed.
Application Technique:-
Do not dilute or thin TRONITE TUFF-TOP. Apply TRONITE TUFF-TOP by a brush, roller or spray. To cure fresh concrete apply a full even coat of TRONITE TUFF-TOP to the point of saturation. To harden concrete surface, apply two coats of TRONITE TUFF-TOP. The second coat should be applied as soon as the first coat has dried. TRONITE TUFF-TOP can accommodate foot traffic in four hours after application. Maximum surface hardness shall be achieved in 7 days.
One kg TRONITE TUFF-TOP shall cover 100-150 sq. ft. for freshly placed concrete and 50-100 sq. ft. for existing concrete. Coverage rates are approximate, depending on porosity and texture of the substrate. It is always recommended that the application of a test area be conducted to determine the actual coverage prior to starting the job.
Clean all equipment immediately after use with warm, soapy water.
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